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*By entering the site you accept the responsibility of your actions on this site and agree that the owner of this site is not to be held accountable for your autistic decisions if you do choose to do something extremely retarded. Also you will 100% agree to the rules below. If you violate them u will...
Rules and Info
Agree or Disagree?
I don't like to write rules bc I believe people are often times well behaved, but I do believe that given I do not have the support of a battalion of CIA agents to moderate my website, I have to add some rules in.
  1. NO NSFW. Please don't post that here.
  2. Don't use too sensitive language. At least be descriptive. SMH
  3. Uhhhh don't be a glowie????? Sorry.
#--[ Board Ediquitte and Rules >
/meta/ is for talking about the site and other sites
/b/ is for anything within the rules. not that b
/funcel/ is for talking about funcels
/schizo/ is for talking about paranormal and occult shit.
#------[ RULES END HERE >

#--[ How to use the site >
This is an text-board. It is like an image-board except I don't want to fuck around with file hosting. I know it is quite possible to run it with sub 25gbs but I can't be bothered.
If you want to host imgs go make a discord server and post imgs there and then link it here with the correct syntax.
#--[ Syntax for stuff other than text >
So you want to post the imgs?
The current way to post imgs,links, and videos(on youtube only) is: [tag](link){option}
Example: [link]({...}
Always have https or http bc if you don't things get wacky.
  1. tag represents the type. The current three are IMG,LNK,YTB.
  2. link is the link. It should always have http something bc if u don't ur gonna go into my server's error.
  3. option has been implemented(as of 4/18). Options is only available for the tag [TXT]. What can be done is listed below
#--[ Options for text >

Here are the avalible options for text
Options are broken down into either a property or a tag. If you used html and css before, the tag is from html and the property is from css. The difference between the two is that properties are two valued and separated by a ":" and tags are simply just one valued.

properties : values
color : [any color values one word or a hex value]
size : [xsmall,small,large]

b [bolds text]
i [italcizes the text]

color -> any color available in HTML is available here. This means u can do:

#--[ Secret Boards? >
I've made a few secret boards go figure. But I'll list the ones that should be known:
-degen for degeneracy
-test for testing out links and way to kill the site. but plz don't kill the site.
If you do find the other one plz don't tell anyone bc it will ruin the dynamic.
#--[ Contact me? >
#--[ Contact me for janny aps? >
Lmao. Imagine wanting to do it for free.
#--[ What is a funcel? >
I have no idea what a funcel is.