Before I let you off, I noticed that this site is really badly designed. Many people who tried to use this site said it looked autistic and retarded. So I made this prompt in hopes that you can navigate this site a little bit easier.

On your right, just below this text is the board where all the content is at.

On your top-left, there is a navigation tab that allows you to switch to a different board.

But before you leave, here are some other features that may be helpful navigating the website:
  1. If you click the header element(The thing that says WELCOME TO FUNCEL.XYZ) you can return back to the board if you are on a thread or not the first page.

    It will light up pink when you can do it.
  2. If you scroll down a little bit, you can see a pinkbar. That pinkbar also serves as a navigation device.

    Here is displays the frontPage, the board meta, and a thread
  3. This feature often blends in with the surrounding, but there is a small little bar that lets you go from the top of the board and down to the bottom.

  4. Some posts have ##. ## is meant to be an @user. If you click on it, it redirects you to the post that it is being referenced. If you want to reference a post, click the PID(post id).

    pic rel
Have fun.
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37221029/26/22-19:08 :::: PID:0000001
Gib plox

37221029/27/22-00:09 :::: PID:0000002
wait, figured it out 

37221029/27/22-00:28 :::: PID:0000003
what are the other files in https://funcel.xyz/res/emotes/ ? i cant access the root directory but it would be sweet to be able to use em if we have more as emojis

37453169/27/22-19:06 :::: PID:0000004
technically the emotes are the only emotes available.
I did at one point make 4 other emotes, but i haven't uploaded them yet. also this emote thing needs an overhaul so...until im not lazy i guess

37221029/27/22-20:48 :::: PID:0000005
so how do we normally use them? i dont see a way to use them without knowing the URL and file name? is that why it needs to be overhauled

37453169/27/22-23:04 :::: PID:0000006
you can't i did intially have emotes bc i was using html's text area and u can't display imgs. i transitioned to this, but I haven't done anything with them yet. maybe ill add a tab sometime 

347906211/05/22-08:42 :::: PID:0000007
u can use them now

Thats all the content.
Have a good day. :))))