Before I let you off, I noticed that this site is really badly designed. Many people who tried to use this site said it looked autistic and retarded. So I made this prompt in hopes that you can navigate this site a little bit easier.

On your right, just below this text is the board where all the content is at.

On your top-left, there is a navigation tab that allows you to switch to a different board.

But before you leave, here are some other features that may be helpful navigating the website:
  1. If you click the header element(The thing that says WELCOME TO FUNCEL.XYZ) you can return back to the board if you are on a thread or not the first page.

    It will light up pink when you can do it.
  2. If you scroll down a little bit, you can see a pinkbar. That pinkbar also serves as a navigation device.

    Here is displays the frontPage, the board meta, and a thread
  3. This feature often blends in with the surrounding, but there is a small little bar that lets you go from the top of the board and down to the bottom.

  4. Some posts have ##. ## is meant to be an @user. If you click on it, it redirects you to the post that it is being referenced. If you want to reference a post, click the PID(post id).

    pic rel
Have fun.
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26021326/10/22-09:56 :::: PID:0000001
the site looks way better (or worse kek) than when it started out and has lotta more features don\'t get me wrong, but why the fuck is the font still default html font you stupid bastard

also captchASS

24346156/17/22-07:01 :::: PID:0000003
shit delete this

24346156/17/22-07:05 :::: PID:0000004
anyways ive been working on manga stuff and annotations for this website. I want to make it into a manga esque like reading things.

Anyways what fonts should i uses.

30480007/15/22-10:17 :::: PID:0000005
Idk mate it all goes to wherever you want to take the website to, it started off as le funny bootleg 4chan and now you want to make it a manga reader (???), just make it pretty enough to be usable without looking like an mlp murder scene happened in my screen

24346157/16/22-02:06 :::: PID:0000006
~mlp murder scene happened in my screen
im also into that

251766911/21/22-17:01 :::: PID:0000007
Comic Sans

243461511/24/22-21:26 :::: PID:0000008
never heard of comic sans

Thats all the content.
Have a good day. :))))