Before I let you off, I noticed that this site is really badly designed. Many people who tried to use this site said it looked autistic and retarded. So I made this prompt in hopes that you can navigate this site a little bit easier.

On your right, just below this text is the board where all the content is at.

On your top-left, there is a navigation tab that allows you to switch to a different board.

But before you leave, here are some other features that may be helpful navigating the website:
  1. If you click the header element(The thing that says WELCOME TO FUNCEL.XYZ) you can return back to the board if you are on a thread or not the first page.

    It will light up pink when you can do it.
  2. If you scroll down a little bit, you can see a pinkbar. That pinkbar also serves as a navigation device.

    Here is displays the frontPage, the board meta, and a thread
  3. This feature often blends in with the surrounding, but there is a small little bar that lets you go from the top of the board and down to the bottom.

  4. Some posts have ##. ## is meant to be an @user. If you click on it, it redirects you to the post that it is being referenced. If you want to reference a post, click the PID(post id).

    pic rel
Have fun.
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TODAY IS CHRISTMASS2021-12-25 06:16:05
Habby christmas. Links look cooler eh.

Enough said

Habby christmas eve2021-12-24 02:50:07
Good day my kind sirs,
I am excited man to tell that FUNCEL.XYZ will now habe more text constriction. Yube not post more than 30 returns. Yube not spam with:

... +30 lines

I know yube might see as sad thing. But very happy. Yube drink the corn syrup today. Yube post no spam. It is war on spam.
Kind sirs if yuber post go left. Yube copy and paste again. No losing here.

Updates2021-12-21 01:09:41
If you visit the website u might see a few small changes.
  1. There is now a way to look back in time at the really bad news I wrote. Ummm....yea so there is that. And because of that u see these new small pinky stuff on the heading of the content parts...
  2. The pinky stuff is actually stickied so those people with alzheimers will never forget what board they are on. yay.
  3. I added shadows to stuff.
Im thinking about editing the website's post success page into something a little bit nicer rather than a picture that spans 120% of the pg.

Herro Update2021-12-20 05:00:35
So I updated some things. I changed the file hierarchies and stuff and started to use indexes rather than redirects. Smart Idea now that i think about it. Ive been looking at how different websites use these and how I have fucked it up but too lazy to fixx it i guess. fug. also there is a new frontpage. Im planning on adding some nav links there too but i cant use the nav box that i created. im also going to add little pink stuff on top to make it "aesthetic".
inb4 cringe.

Take this go commit some crimes.

Bug FIXED2021-12-18 20:14:17
Some anon posted nada in the title. My bad bug fixed.....but thxs for pointing it out anon. plz fogibe me

I also didnt point this out, but I made some rules. Pretty simple if ur not a glowie. no glowies allowed here. this is a no glowie zone. glowies go somewhere else.

There is also a new board...plz post there

New Feature2021-12-18 00:50:33
The website is lookin fucked up today but Im pushing two small changes. U can now click on the header of threads to return back to the original board. And there is a a scroll to go up and down. Also I (re-amped?) the css on the website from class to ids. I have no idea what is the difference and why to use them, but Im learning so hopefully it is just that problem. Give it a few hours to unfuck itself.
(I did not use a single single quotation mark bc i havent programmed the bypass yet)

WTF WHY IS IT SO SLOW2021-12-18 00:43:15
This 1gb linode shitter is running pretty well, but it fucks up and i do not know if it is my fault or a slow server.

my computer just shit itself2021-12-13 02:41:54
Hello, I was trying to find out why an anon said that all the ips seem to be the same(he is right...) and I was going to post it. but it didn't work bc i have shitty quotation mark stuff and i didn't post. i thought it was serverside bc i don't blame anyone but myself and in this case it happened to be myself but the younger one. so i check it out and guess what, it wasn't the server problem and i realize it is just the shitty single quotation mark. so i posted news and whatever. now i was going to exit my ssh since i don't need to look at my mysql server anymore. so i did that. but before i pressed enter, i scrolled up on my computer and it just shit itself. ten or so fucking lines of #xx appeared. i pressed enter and it was too late...my whole news just emptied itself. i don't know why that happened or how that could have happened, but it did. then i remembered i have backup...so we're back to square one with the ip problem again.

uh oh2021-12-01 01:19:39

To that cunt that posts with his own css2021-12-01 01:02:39
Fuck you. I hate u.

NO BAD WORD AND BANS2021-11-21 22:45:03
Hello, there is a new no bad word filter. It is really bad. Also there is a ban system in place. 24hr only tho

NEW MASCOT2021-10-12 22:40:02
I drew this. She is bury green.

First Unique Poster2021-10-04 00:24:19
A random anon appeared on 2021-10-03 17:08:05. Thxs for dropping by. The site is still extremely fucked up, but nice to meet u.

Also plz come beck bc bury misses u.

Also banana cake probably tastes better than bread.

Thats all the content.
Have a good day. :))))

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